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Modula - Paranormal Phenomena - The Icelandic Expedition

Tapping into the seductive unease of the unexplained, Modula lands on Tartelet Archives with Paranormal Phenomena – The Icelandic Expedition, a nine-track album that evokes alien synth-electro and New Age soundscapes.

During a trip to Iceland in February 2020, Naples native Filippo Colonna Romano (Modula) experienced the raw power of the island’s otherworldly natural forces. Inspired by his field recordings and a rekindled interest in sci-fi, Paranormal Phenomena – The Icelandic Expedition was born. Steeped in haunting LA synthesis and cinematic tension, the album is an imagined soundtrack to a supernatural thriller, cast in the icy tones of the Roland JD-800.

“When I went to Iceland I was so excited about the ambience and sounds,” says Modula. “I felt everything was stronger than normal; the wind was brutal, the waves fast and noisy. I came to the conclusion that what I had captured all sounded strangely eerie and otherworldly. I decided to compose music that had the same vibe as the field recordings – cold and strange, mysterious and alien.”

The album includes nine tracks each representing a scene in the “movie” ranging from alien synth-electro to New Age ambient moods and soundscapes, inviting the listener on a journey through cold landscapes and into the caves where unknown creatures lurk in the shadows.

Paranormal Phenomena leads logically on from Modula’s previous work for Bordello A Parigi and Firecracker, not to mention his Alba – Tempesta – Notturno EP on Tartelet Records which drew on field recordings from the jungles of South America. Merging extreme environments with a rich palette of classic outboard gear, Modula’s music transports listeners through space and time.

Given the heavy motion-picture theme present in Paranormal Phenomena – The Icelandic Expedition, the album is a fittingrelease to inaugurate Tartelet Archives, a new sub-label to Tartelet Records focusing on electronic obscurities and sounds from the past.

The first single ‘Diamond Beach’ will be out February 16th on all digital platforms.

Paranormal Phenomena – The Icelandic Expedition will be out on vinyl and digital March 18th





18 March 2022

Cat. No. TARC01

Medusozoa Vol II



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