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Tomboy & Fredski - Do the Tartelet EP

The new label Tartelet Records is rising from the horizon of the Copenhagen club culture. Tartelet Records is founded by Fredski (the man behind the greatest Copenhagen parties ) and Tomboy (aka Tomas Barfod, DJ, producer and drummer of Whomadewho, with previous releases on Turbo, Kitsuné , Get Physical and Gomma).

The two founders are behind this first Tartelet release, which is a true showcase of what the label stands for: house with multiple flavors like ghetto, funk, disco and a bit world.

The A-side ‘Do the Tartelet’ is a schizophrenic yet effect full combination of sampled horn-madness, hand claps and techno bass.
On the flip side ‘Cereal’ sounds as if James Holden and Paul Jonson were trying to make minimal house together.

The future releases from Tartelet promise remixes from world-league remixers (tba) and tracks by Danish kleshmer-techno-reggae band Analogik.




10 May 2008

Cat. No. Tart001


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