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Kenton Slash Demon - Matter EP

‘Matter’ is the second EP from Kenton Slash Demon’s ‘The Schwarzschild Solution’ trilogy and features a remix from much hyped Runaways.

It took young Schwarzschild only a month to solve them, shortly before he died from a rare decease contracted in battle during WW1. The most prominent result consequential to the solutions was the black hole, the gravitational equivalent of a super sponge. This complex theory is the symbolic cornerstone and namesake of Kenton Slash Demon’s trilogy of EP releases on Tartelet Records, where the second release – ‘Matter’ – finally has descended from orbit. Following in the trails of the wildly successful ‘Sun EP’ released in August 2010, ‘Matter’ continues the story with both an amazing original and an interstellar interpretation from New York’s Runaways.

‘Matter’ is beyond ambitious – a deeply natural constellation of disco and house, sprinkled with emotionally charged lyrics and a hint of that special Tartelet strangeness. Looping and cutting clips of synth-stabs and murmuring voices solidifies the beat in typical Kenton Slash Demon style, while the groove shapes the morphing and modulating melody. To top it off, Malthe Fischer from danish psych pop outfit "Oh No Ono" (Leaf Label) add his mystic vocals and delivers a final signature to the track.
Matter is epic, simply put – a shatter storm of touching chord-changes that drags people restlessly to the dance floor- not very unlike how Schwarzschild’s famed black hole drags matter into the darkest of voids.

Runaway’s remix is in a much darker vein, humming along with nebulous bleeps and sparkling blobs from outer space. Pads sporadically burst through the groove after being submerged in the deepness of the universe, and metallic extraterrestrial voices convey simultaneous stratum of beauty and fear. It hints at both the computerized digitalism of Detroit and the gloomy and industrial dance floors of Berlin, and will surely be a favorite among both celestial DJs and headphone-astronauts alike.






18 October 2010

Cat. No. Tart014

Distributed by !K7

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