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Andrea Florito - Brother from another planet EP

From the experimental techno of “Tesi”, to the orchestral, Argentine drama of his Get Physical debut “Proprio Tango”, and now “Brother from Another Planet” on Tartelet, Andrea Fiorito is an artist who has made music his life’s work.

A native of Bari, southern Italy, Andrea recognized his own deep-seated creativity at an early age. From the age of 8 he developed his musicality, while the filmmaking diploma he received as an adult helped to hone his unique auteur perspective, both on film, and in sound.

Andrea’s productions are a fearless combination of live instrumentation, minimalistic techno, and dissonant melodic elements that merge in unexpected harmony. His work process always begins with the kick drum, the track’s rhythmic heart, and the essence of body movement. His intricate arrangements bloom organically, creating extended melodic arcs that do away with standard 16-bar conventions.

Through his work, Andrea is constantly seeking the penultimate marriage between acoustic and digital elements, using midi sounds, keyboards, and live instruments, developing each arrangement meticulously, over an extended period of time. It wouldn’t be totally off the mark to call the Berlin-based Italian the quintessential Tartelet artist.

In certain ways Andrea’s idealism and restless creative spirit mirrors that of the indefinable yet ever-present ‘Tarteletness’ of disparate but strangely similar artists like James Braun and Kenton Slash Demon. And this is down to more than just the 4/4. Andrea is, quite frankly, Tartelet’s Brother from Another Planet, he’s the Tango to label’s Cash -possibly even the RA to KSD’s ‘SUN’? Whatever the case may be, “Brother from Another Planet” is a giddily kaleidoscopic beast of an EP that further cements Andrea’s already sturdy reputation as a preeminent mediator of organic yet minimalistic techno.




27 February 2012

Cat. No. TART021

Distributed by !K7

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