2400 Operator

2400 Operator are Daniel and Troels, a Danish house duo who kick out deeply affecting, motor city-inspired jams for the body, the mind and the soul. This is house music in its purest form, but then again not really. There’s always an element of surprise.

Some thing, factor of form that makes the sound of 2400 Operator difficult to tag as just another revivalist house project, be it a slightly sinister 303 or a warped but warm vocal sample that defies expectations. It’s just out of reach of easy genre tags, which is part of what makes it so moving- in a very literal sense. Melancholy and euphoria, dance music and ‘head’ music: it’s all contained within the sound of 2400 Operator. And more often than not it makes you want to dance.   

Based in Copenhagen’s concrete-filled grey and grimy Nordvest area, they took their name from the postcode of that neighbourhood because it influences their sound. Calling it a conceptual approach wouldn’t be completely out of whack, and yet the boys are very adamant that we mustn’t overanalyze their efforts. It is, quite simply, the sound of the city they live in.      

With quality releases on Jus Ed’s famed Underground quality label under their belts, the future looks promising for the Copenhagen-based duo. With that in mind, Tartelet Records proudly present the sound of the Copenhagen underground; the sound of 2400 Operator. 



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