It has been a busy year for the 27 year-old German; after finishing a degree in architecture and relocating to Berlin, IMYRMIND has worked steadily towards finishing new material. July saw the release of his solo debut on the much-hyped Money $ex Records run by longtime friends Glenn Astro and Max Graef. IMYRMIND also secured a place with Copenhagen’s Tartelet Records, who are to release his second EP in October 2015.

IMYRMIND cut his teeth producing hip-hop beats in a basement in one of Germany’s industrial areas. Looking for samples and inspiration across genres, he began experimenting, mixing musical styles such as hip-hop, house, funk and jazz to forge what has become his signature sound today. This approach is echoed in his DJ sets where you will find rhythmical music from all corners of the planet.

IMYRMIND has released on Odd Socks (2012), Outernational (2013), Box Aus Holz (2014), Money Sex (2015) & Tartelet Records (2015)



2400 Operator

Acid Woman

Brandt Brauer Frick


Damiano von Erckert

Glenn Astro

Henry Wu & Tito Wun


James Braun

Kenton Slash Demon

Kickflip Mike

Max Graef

Muff Deep


Wayne Snow